Legal Career Association (LCA) provides and hosts legal conferences for Attorneys throughout the United States, in order to provide Attorneys with knowledge and information regarding trending topics in the legal field. We carefully screen each topic, as well as the speakers, to provide you with the very best experience at our conferences.

Attorneys are always in need of good legal assistants, and Legal Career Association, LLC, fills that need by providing would-be assistants, as well as existing legal assistants, with a “crash course” on all of the basics necessary to help you with job interviews, or assisting lawyers in private practice, government agencies or corporate settings.

For legal assistants, legal secretaries, and paralegals, professional certifications have become the standard of excellence that many employers demand.  The LCA exam provides a standardized assessment of your knowledge and abilities. Earning your certificate demonstrates to your prospective employers, colleagues and clients, that you are competent and capable.

Legal assistants provide routine office tasks as well as specialized legal work. They may help with office tasks, organize a lawyer’s file, or may even help the lawyer prepare for trial. Although a high school education or the equivalent is usually the only requirement to becoming an attorney assistant, our course can help your marketability as an assistant. And even better, our course can be taken on-line in a matter of hours (not weeks) and from the comfort, convenience and safety of your own home.

Whether interested in starting a new entry-level career in the field of Law, or just interested in taking a quick refresher course if already working in the legal field, Legal Career Association, LLC, provides the student with all of the basics in such areas of practice as criminal law; family law; bankruptcy law; wills and real estate law. The materials also provide the student with the basic vocabulary necessary to function in the legal community. After studying the materials provided, the student is allowed to take a challenging test, and if a passing grade is achieved, the student will be provided with a Certificate by the Legal Career Association, LLC, attesting to their knowledge. After studying the course and taking the test, participants are welcome to post questions and comments on discussion board and/or participate in chat sessions. Our on-line class will help prepare you for the working world, and will help to add substance to any resume.

After becoming a member of our community, you will also be provided with helpful hints and advice to help you land your first job with a law firm.

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