You can access the members area, the course and the certificate exam anywhere you have an internet connection. In fact if you download the PDF modules you can even do the course without an internet connection. The exam requires an internet connection. You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to access your materials.
No. Paralegal and/or Legal Assistant diplomas can take up to two years of study. This is a certificate program for our Legal Assistant Course.
No, it is good indefinitely. Although your personalized PDF certificate is dated on the day you pass the examination.
By successfully completing the course and and achieving a Certificate, you demonstrate to prospective employers your basic knowledge of the processes that are important in a law office. Your Certificate also indicates your commitment to professional development. This is especially helpful if you have no prior experience in working for a law firm.
Yes, within 30 days of membership. However, if you take the Exam, we cannot issue a refund
No there is no auto renewal here. You are welcome and encouraged to renew.
Yes rates will be posted.
That can be found in your Dashboard under your Membership Products.
Most people can complete the course in about two weeks working an hour or so a day.
The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and there is a 90 minute time limit.